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Bulletproof Marine Services LLC understands that exhaust manifolds are important and that ignoring them can potentially lead to very expensive repairs. Because the engine is one of the single most expensive parts of your boat, it makes sense to inspect or replace the risers and manifolds.

If you have a leaky exhaust manifold that is cracked or the riser gasket is leaking internally, coolant or water can enter through your exhaust port into your engine. These repairs can be quiet expensive at times, too.

If you have a freshwater boat and are using it in salt water, we highly recommend installing a heat exchanger. In a vehicle, air cools off the coolant, which will then circulate through the engine to cool it off. In a boat or yacht, the heat exchanger cools itself with sea water, and the coolant inside the heat exchanger cools off the engines, exhaust manifolds, and risers. (This goes for both gas and diesel engines.)

Not only will a heat exchanger extend the life of your engine exhaust manifolds and risers, but it will also eliminate salt water going through the thermostat, thus preventing a sticky thermostat.

Bulletproof Marine Services LLC has special discounts for active and retired military personnel and their families, as well as discounts for federal and all government personnel and their families. Financing is available, too.

Give Bulletproof Marine Services LLC a call today to get your heat exchanger installed, or to have your exhaust manifolds or risers serviced. We’re here to help!

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